Popular Hair Styles When Wearing Helmet

mortorsportThis article is for fellow female riders! Who says wearing a helmet’s got to destroy your hair?

People are nowadays moving from just being mere spectators of sports to becoming active in the sports they like. This is because people have found that it is more enjoyable to participate in a sport than just being a spectator. Others prefer cheering another sport while being active on another sport. There are sports that require inborn talent or vigorous training to participate in. such like sports include soccer and rugby. Those are the kind of sports that most people would prefer to watch either from the stadiums or at homes without engaging physically with the sport. On the other hand, there are some sports than can be learnt with less individual effort. An example of such a sport is motor sports and racing.

Motor sport has seen a number of new entrants over the recent past. This is highly contributed by the fact that many people enjoy this sport and it can be easily learned if one has interest. Motor sports and racing involves the use of helmet to act as a protective gear for the head. There has been a growing number of female participants in this sport which has brought upon the need to look into some of the hair styles that can be well accommodated in the helmet and still maintain its style. To be mentioned below are some of the leading hair styles in motor racing. If you to learn more about different hairstyles, checkout here.

  • · Velvet Turban 

This type of hairstyle is recommended for ladies who do not want to do much with their hair but still want to maintain the feminine appeal. It is not costly and can even be done at home. This hairstyle keeps the head warm enough hence suitable with a helmet.

  • · Half Braided Crown 

This is one of the leading styles for ladies who are in motor sports and racing. This style is very unique in a way that it lets you maintain your long hair but it is designed in to fit well in any helmet. This style is very fashionable and therefore a lady will still remain to be fashionable even under a helmet.

  • · Short Hair Style

This type of hairstyle is more common among men in motor sports. Ladies too, have in the recent past, embraced this style. They apply more chemicals than their male counterparts. This is because women have to maintain their feminine appeal even when they are in sports.

  • · Braiding 

Some people prefer to totally braid their hair when they engage in sports that require the use of helmet. This is one of the most comfortable styles with a helmet. However, this style is only convenient with those who have rigid hair. Therefore, it is recommended that people should consider braiding if they have rigid hair. It should be noted that it is not a requirement for your hair to be rigid to braid it.

  • · Messy Hair

It may sound a bit absurd, but ladies are said to be sexier when they have messy hair more especially after being in action. Therefore if one has no specific style to put then letting the hair be messy inside a helmet is a valid option.

The above given are just some of the best hair style for those who engage in sports such as motor racing that requires an individual to wear a helmet while racing. The given styles should be given priority for they are among the most popular.


The Best Car For Outdoor Enthusiast


When it comes to outdoor adventure, there are several vehicles with the potential to be suitable. Even though it all comes down to personal preference and choice, still there are certain features that make some specific vehicles more appropriate for outdoor activities. For instance All-wheel drive makes negotiating gravel roads safer. Fuel consumption is a concern for all car owners, especially outdoor enthusiasts who often have to travel long distances.Below is a list of cars with all the features necessary for outdoor adventure.

A List of cars for the outdoor enthusiasts

Regardless of whether you live in the mountains or you are just on an off-road weekend drive, the vehicles listed below are bound to make your day memorable.

subaro1. Subaru Outback

This car was named after the treacherous and deserted wilderness of Australia, and is a great option for families battling harsh weather and other unforeseen obstacles. Outback wagon has 8.7 inches of ground clearance, underfoot storage, symmetrical all-wheel drive and an integrated roof track. Besides, it is small enough for City Street driving, yet capable of handling great outdoors.

2. Chevrolet Avalanchecheve

Chevrolet Avalanche is a large and capable pickup suitable for an off-the grid trip. With its spacious interior cabin and an extendable bed, Avalanche has enough space for all your outdoor gear. It has a powerful V8 engine, together with standard six-speed automatic transmission.

wrangler3. Jeep Wrangler

Jeep wrangler is undoubtedly the king of all off-road vehicles. With the more than 70 years of in-the –field use coupled with a reputation of rough superiority, the Wrangler has rightfully earned its legendary off-road status. It combines an impressive low range function, high ground clearance, steep approach and departure angles with high class four wheel drive system to give you all you need to go wherever you want.

tacoma4. Toyota Tacoma

If you need an outdoor vehicle which can double as your everyday commuter, include this affordable vehicle in your list of options. It has comfortable front seats and a large back seat hence it is the most appropriate for the daily commute. The moment you are ready to take a trip up to the cabin the V6 engine (optional) coupled with perfect off road aptitudes makes Tacoma the best when it comes to ruggedness and practicality.

Nissan Xterra5. Nissan Xterra

Nissan Xterra looks classy. It discharges off-road ruggedness and perfectly complements your sporty lifestyle. Its Utili-Track system includes two vertical channels and adjustable cleats in the cargo compartment to help you tie-down and organize your gear. The cargo area, which is made of hard plastic, is easy to clean. Hence you can store damp items such as kayaks, surfboards and wetsuits as well as dirty and muddy gear.


Whether you are an enthusiastic outdoors man or a working professional who occasionally needs an escape from the daily chore the above cars will best serve your enthusiastic needs. Not all cars are meant to handle the rugged beauty of nature. So, take time to find a ride that offers sufficient power to your destination and enough room to accommodate everything you want to take.

Drive in the Wild? Make sure you bring the essential survival tools

By Gas-Gas

Natural disasters and accidents are very much unplanned and as such deemed as Acts of God by many. In case one finds him or herself in such a situation some basic tools come in handy alongside key survival knowledge notably first aid. However some of the fundamental tools are the following:

Emergency flashlight

Power interruptions is a common phenomena during a disaster notably hurricanes, earthquakes, lightening. Not only does
it provide light in the dark but can also be used to signal for help if one is trapped or in rare cases an attack by thieves. A beaming flash in most cases signifies a distress call.

Well Equipped First Aid Kit

In trauma situations such as natural calamities most hospitals are full, paramedics extremely busy and some casualties are not attended to properly. With basic first aid knowledge lives are saved and rescued. Also while at home a medical emergency might come up that does not require a qualified doctor to attend to as long as the kit is available. However keeping their content up to date is crucial to survival otherwise obsolete equipments may cause further injuries
and serious conditions.

Fire Extinguishers

Just like the first aid kit this tool needs regular upgrading and refilling by the fire department usually after 6 months to ensure its quality is not compromised. Fires are common after a disaster so putting it out is a must before help arrives also the small kitchen fire may trigger a colossal outbreak if not put off. The extinguisher can act as a defensive tool when attacked by thieves, looters or even hooligans in the vicinity. Can be used to break hard glass
during evacuation or escaping a calamity, its hard surface breaks doors and even some walls.

A Powerful Whistle

A loud enough whistle can be utilized to call for help as it is internationally recognized and recommended by many security firms and organizations. Rescue workers might not be able to see you but most certainly will hear you when you blow one. One is advised to keep them around the house and in cars at strategic locations.

Survival Knife

A durable and good quality knife comes in handy during emergency situations as one cannot know what he or she will come across during chaotic scenes. Safety is not guaranteed during outdoor expeditions, cooking in the wild and preparing shelter and so having one of these is recommended.

Non Perishable Food Storage

After the disaster most properties are destroyed including food stores paving way for food shortages very fast. Once a calamity has hit people tend to lose a lot of energy during the process of evacuation and replenishing is mostly done through a proper diet. Storing foods that are rich in proteins and carbohydrates mostly
will boost this process. Canned foods form the bulk of this even though they have a short life spell; they too need to be checked and expired ones kept out of the storage facility.

Bottom Line

Surviving in any emergency condition is a fundamental necessity for all and therefore the above tools become or much help if combined with a bit of know how.

Who is Gas-Gas?

Gas Gas Motors started operations in 1974, selling motorcycles, parts and accessories in the Spanish market. 1985 was the year when the first motorcycle manufactured by Gas Gas, a Trials model, saw the light.1993 brought the first Trials World Championship; two more came in the mid-90′s, and the last came with the 2003 Indoor Trials Title. Likewise, in 1989, the first Enduro motorcycle was built and the first Enduro World Championship came also in 1993; several more world Enduro titles have ensued since; the latest being the 2003 125cc class.

Gas Gas is a competition-oriented company, where the experience from the races is directly applied to stock production motorcycles and our customers cherish this philosophy. Our motorcycles are race-ready, with the best stock components available from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Japan…, whereby any serious racer need not spend hundreds of dollars in “after-market” components to make his motorcycle competitive.

But rather than showing off products, this blog will be a place for Gas Gas to share its love for life to the readers. We will certainly have a focus on motor sports, but we will also share posts and experience from our friends on any topics that are cool!

News in the racing world

Salt, Girona, 29 March 2005.– On 2 and 3 April, the works enduro GAS GAS riders will start
the World Enduro Championship with the first valid round to be held in Guadalajara, Spain.
With their renewed bet on young espoirs, GAS GAS will use all their riders in the Alcarria
After a transition 2004 season to adapt to the new categories – with three classes instead of
the previous five – this year GAS GAS want to react: “This season, our aim will be to fight for
the top places in the championship. It will be a difficult year, particularly with the class number
reduction, which results in more participants aiming at the podium in each class,” commented
Josep Pou, the enduro GAS GAS team manager.
There are over 200 entries in the 2005 World Championship: 53 in the Enduro 1 class – for
100 to 125, 2-stroke and 175 to 250, 4-stroke bikes -, 64 in the Enduro 2 – 175 to 250, 2-
stroke bikes and 290 to 450, 4-stroke bikes – and 35 in the Enduro 3 – 290 to 500 2-strokes
and 475 to 650 4-strokes. For the Junior World Enduro Cup, where no cylinder size rules
apply, there are 56 participants

The same championship format that started in 2004 will be used this year, with two changes:
there will be nine valid rounds instead of eight – with Finland returning to the World
Championship event list – keeping the independent-point system for the two competitive
days; and there is a new “Junior Enduro” class – an Open class for riders up to 21 years of
The whole of the GAS GAS team will be in Guadalajara
In the starting line of the Alcarria race will be one of the most promising world enduro figures,
Portugal’s Hélder Rodrigues, who will tackle the event at the commands of a 2-stroke GG EC
250, as well as Finnish moto-cross multi-champion Miska Aaltonen, riding a 4-stroke FSE
450, both in the E2 class. Sébastien Guillaume will enter the E3 class at the handlebars of a
2-stroke GG EC 300. Guillaume, a works GAS GAS rider for the second consecutive year,
was eighth in the E3-class standings last year. Belgium’s Thierry Klutz, defending the GAS
GAS and Hebo colours for the third year in a row, will also enter the E3 class with the same
GAS GAS model as Guillaume. In the Junior class, the young Malaga rider Cristóbal Guerre-ro
– Ronda, 1984 – with the works rider at the commands of a 2-stroke EC 250.

Two semi-works riders will also be attending the Spanish event. One will be Oriol Mena, born
in Canyamars, Spain in 1987. He will be entering the Junior class with a 2-stroke EC 250
together with Cristóbal Guerrero. Another will be New Zealand’s Paul Whibley, 6th in the E2
standings last year. He will enter the Guadalajara round on a 2-stroke EC 250 as well. “Right
now we count on a young team who have achieved good results in the classes they entered
in preceding years. They are riders with great future projection and who are very eager to
compete. They must evolve and achieve their first remarkable results in the World
Championship now,” concludes Pou.
The Guadalajara race, valid for the World Enduro Championship for the second time in its
history – it was a WEC race for the first time in 1997 – will take place on April 2 and 3 and will
count on 4 laps per day on a 55-km circuit, with 3 tests per lap. The first rider will start at 9:00
each day